Winter wonderland

DSC09300We recently took a trip to the mountains to spend some time in a cabin, hopefully surrounded by snow.

IMG_3959When we got up there we definitely had snow. We were all so excited. Sledding and snow hikes happened, along with snowball fights and time spent examining the formation of icicles and even a birthday cake for me.


This cake was epic! Dairy free and gluten free. Made by C, who is an amazing baker!

IMG_3963 DSC09333Then it began to snow! Yay, we thought. How lovely it looks and we oohed and awed for two days. Then we woke in the night to the pellet stove going out and realized the power too had gone out, along with the water. We no longer oohed or awed.

IMG_3977 IMG_3984In the morning my car was buried 2 feet deep in snow and it was still snowing. A severe winter storm had arrived that lasted all day and night.

IMG_3980The morning we were supposed to go home after our happy time playing in the snow we woke to a complete white out. There was no going home.


So we made the best of it and trudged down to the lodge in the whiteout and got a bottle of wine to pass the evening.


For a while we were even snowed into the lodge, waiting for enough visibility to return to our cabin.

There was still no power or water but luckily we had a gas stove and matches.

DSC09348 DSC09346 We melted snow to make tea and coffee, flush the toilets, and wash dishes. We used antique oil lamps to light our evening meal.

DSC09349In the morning the sky was blue and the sun was shiny. Everything was beautiful again. Only it was all buried under three feet of snow. Our food was running low and the power was still out. We needed to get home.

DSC09350We spent the whole morning either shoveling snow or watching the snow plow go around attempting to move snow. By noon the power finally came back on. Doubtful emails were sent to family and jobs saying we probably wouldn’t make it home for another few days as another storm was supposed to move in that even dumping another foot or two of snow.

DSC09360Then, just as we gave up on the idea of going home, the state snow plows came barreling down the road sweeping away the three feet of snow like it was crumpled paper.

We packed in less than 20 minutes and were on the road with the new storm chasing our tails. It was the fodder for amazing memories and serious character building. I’d like to thank my dear friend C who was there with us and was the only one with serious snow experience giving us tips on how to sled, shovel snow without breaking our backs, and drive in slush and ice.

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9 Responses to Winter wonderland

  1. Ivona says:

    So beautiful and such a great adventure.

  2. Jennifer Jo says:

    Beautiful photos and what a great story! I wish we’d get some snow. We’re at the end of January and still there’s nothing. (I hate it when the power goes out, though.)

    • KC says:

      When the power goes out here in the desert it’s not really a concern. But now I understand how it would be a concern in cold places where your heat relies on electricity.

  3. Kim Corrigan says:

    Oh wow, what an experience. Welcome to winter my friend 😉 Glad you guys were able to make the best of it, and got home safely. xo

  4. Sara says:

    Wow! What an adventure on so many levels. Definitely a memory maker! Glad you all were able to move along before the second round.

  5. Kat says:

    So great catching up with you all here, what a totally magical week you had, a real snow adventure! I bet the kids loved it, the photos are amazing, you all sound so happy and doing great, sending love and XXX

    • KC says:

      Hi! oh it was so much fun! We are all doing so well. Thank you for dropping by and checking in on us! The girl’s are growing up so quickly. Much love to you too!

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