In My Garden

This past week we haven’t really been eating from our garden. The temperatures have been in the triple digits without any rain so none of the flowers are blooming. That should change next week though, they predict temperatures in the low 90’s!

IMG_20140726_082543IMG_20140726_084554However we have been doing a lot of yard work and apparently in our backyard, yard work means hard work because underneath all the sand is clay. Hard, compacted, rocky clay. But one weekend project at a time we are beginning to transform the yard.

IMG_20140726_084930This backyard of clay may not be the easiest thing to dig in or to garden in but it really is wonderful for for mud sculptures.

DSC04942DSC04940DSC04939My experimental three sisters garden is doing well! Native corn, beans and squash. Not what my ancestors ate but what the ancient peoples of this desert land would have eaten.

DSC04947 I’m dreaming of an herb and flower garden in this space. What are your favorite herbs to put together?

Also if your kids are taking part in the postcard exchange I am slowly sending out the emails this week so look in your inbox!

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7 Responses to In My Garden

  1. I was thinking as you mentioned clay that while it might not be fun to dig out, it sure it fun to play with, and then the next photo was just that :)

    What are you planting herbs for…culinary or medicinal purposes?

    Looks like you are enjoying creating your backyard space, so fun to see it all coming together.

    • KC says:

      I am going to plant the herbs for both reasons! I usually just plant the typical herbs basil, rosemary, oregano and thyme. Now that I have the space I’d really like expand my herb collection.

    • KC says:

      I’d like to included flowers too. :)

  2. Tracey says:

    I like to have a few chives growing too, along with marjoram, Spanish lavender, and dill. Oh yes, flowers are always nice aren’t they?

    • KC says:

      Oh spanish lavender?! Whenever I think about all the herb possibilities it gets out of hand. Especially since we have a very long growing season. I almost never need to put basil by because it lasts all the way to November! Then I plant again in March.

  3. cginnyc says:

    In addition to those you’ve mentioned, I’ve had really good luck with lemon verbena, sage, and several kinds of mint.

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