My Sous Chef

DSC04914 DSC04908 DSC04905 DSC04900The other day after breakfast V says to me, ” Mama when I grow up I want to be a cook like you. I want to be tall and cook things in the oven.” Every single meal since then, I have had an eager little helper. Yes I have taught her knife safety skills and yes the knife is sharp. But I believe that knowledge is power and oh my did making this salad give her power. She felt capable like she does every time she makes a meal with me. And that is worth slowing down to teach and prepare dinner at the same time.

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6 Responses to My Sous Chef

  1. I love having my little helper in the kitchen with me, and like you said, it means the whole process is a little slower, but honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Such valuable time to spend with our little ones and wonderful life skills they will have forever.

  2. Yanic A. says:

    You are making me think that maybe my daughter is ready for a real knife… she always wants to help, but gets very discouraged at trying to cut things with a butter knife. After all, she can use scissors. We may have to have a prep-work 101 class for preschoolers tomorrow! :-)

  3. Sara says:

    You are an amazing mama!

  4. Such a sweet helper you have! It’s rare here that I get to cook or bake alone! Just like you we taught them knife and safety skills from the beginning and it has truly empowered them when it comes to kitchen tasks! We sure are lucky mamas to have such great helpers! xo

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