In My Garden

{In my garden is a weekly theme in which I share with you the progress of my vegetable garden. If you would like to join in please feel to share a link to your post or Flickr or Instagram images. Let’s inspire each other to grow food! }


This week more sprouts are coming up! I’ve moved all the little seeds inside under the grow light because where they were before, under the window, was getting too hot already! The soil was drying up my midday.

As for everything else it is all beginning to look fuller and greener. These beds get a fair amount of sun all day so things like the carrots and kale, which stayed small all winter are now taking off! Which is good because I need more kale!

Soon I’ll be planting multicolored tohono o’odham corn, cow beans and zucchini. It feels like late spring here already which is slightly unusual but not out of the ordinary.  Warm days and cool nights.

Happy Wednesday Friends!




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6 Responses to In My Garden

  1. Lisa Coffee says:

    Your little sprouts are looking good! It’s currently dumping snow here but I’ve been working on a look back at our gardens from the last nine years. It’ll be up tomorrow. Enjoy that desert sun!

  2. Ivona says:

    Looks great I can’t wait until spring so I can start my balcony garden.

  3. Jennifer says:

    We are far away from anything like that here (NW Co) and I wouldn’t have it any other way because I LOVE winter…but seeing your garden sprouting up is awesome!

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