beautiful little things


Okay, so I posted all this lovely stuff about leaving my camera at home. That’s true. But then Sunday happened and Sunday was so beautiful I couldn’t help but take pictures with my iPhone. And just for kicks here’s what was happening this time last year. 

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12 Responses to beautiful little things

  1. Cordelia says:

    I love these photos you caught. And also, as you mentioned post previous, it seems, in a way, taking a photo to preserve the moment can take us out of it somehow too. It’s all about moderation, right?

  2. Ivona says:

    Its hard not to take pictures when you are surrounded by beautiful things. Love your pics.

  3. Lisa Coffee says:

    I agree with Ivona – it’s difficult sometimes to simply accept the imprint of the moment, without snapping a picture. I’m motivated in part by the fact that I don’t have many photos of my younger childhood and I want to give my kids the gift of pictures of their lives. And – I do leave it home sometimes – but there’s the ever-present iphone in my pocket…

  4. karen says:

    I love taking photos and I love taking breaks. I must say I do enjoy scrolling through my photos over the months and it brings back fond memories of what I was doing. Love the moments you shared today.

    • KC says:

      Thanks Karen. I think it does come in phases like you say. In France I took sooo many pictures but here we are so busy homeschooling and exploring that pictures have not been a big thing. But then again there is Instagram! Oh Instagram how you’ve change everything.

  5. And there in lie the whole point my friend, you can take time to be in the moment without your camera, and then you can take moments to capture the beauty around you through the lens. It’s a choice, always a choice, and we always have it. Beautiful captures :)

  6. Such a lovely post. Sometimes I find that my camera/iPhone (usually I use my phone as it’s always close at hand) helps me to see the world in a more focused way but sometimes it’s oh, so nice to put the phone/camera away, get out from behind the lens and just let life happen!

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