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{In my garden is a weekly theme in which I share with you the progress of my vegetable garden. If you would like to join in please feel to share a link to your post or Flickr or Instagram images. Let’s inspire each other to grow food! }

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Welcome to week 4 of “In My Garden”. In four short weeks the garden has finally come to life! Albeit, it is still really small, requiring me to shoot these photos in macro mode sometimes, but oh it is bringing me such joy. Visions of dinner from the garden fill my head everyday.

Saturday night I was awoke by the thunderous crash of rain upon the roof. It woke me with a start. Rain often comes here in the desert in huge crashing bucket loads, short and fierce. It continued to rain on and off all night and into the next day. Sunday was cloudy and misty and cold (but not freezing); just what a baby winter garden needs. That’s when the peas took off and the chard and radishes.

It is hard not to want to pick all these little tender leaves to try them. Like everything else, gardening teaches you patience. I am so eager to get into green smoothy mode. I’m dreaming of insalata caprese as I watch the tomatoes grow in their little paper pots by the window.

I am filled with knowledge, a little experience, and a whole lot of humility. Come May and summer heat all could wilt to the ground, but I am an optimistic person and will do my best to keep it all alive.

*For those of you buried under three feet of snow, please share with me your 5 favorite veggies.*

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8 Responses to In My Garden

  1. Those little shoots peeking out make me smile, especially today as another 15cm of snow is falling. I am dreaming of gardening, but it will be quite some time before I can get my hands into the earth.

    Five fav veggies….cauliflower, beets, kale, swiss chard, broccoli

    • KC says:

      I would imagine that with how many storms you’ve had that indeed it will be a while until the ground is thawed enough. Have you ever thought of growing things in a cold frame? Or is the weather too cold for even a cold frame?

  2. m. says:

    So good to see veggies already growing in the ground :) How fun to see the little shoots coming up. m.

  3. Lisa Coffee says:

    ah, it feels like spring will be creeping up our mountain here soon. we’re itching to plant! soon, soon. happy to see your wee plants this morning!

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