And They Call her Lily


This little girl has us all smitten, cooing and awing. She was a part of a huge litter of puppies who were rescued by our local animal center. They said she’s a German Shepard mix but our vet said there is no Shepard in her. We think she maybe a boxer/shar pei mix, but whatever she is, she is adorable, calm, and loves everyone.

I feel like raising and potty training a puppy is no big deal compared to raising kids. I now feel confidant in my ability to be the Alpha dog in the pack, something I couldn’t do at 11 when I got my first dog. I look forward to watching her grow, having her be house trained and then exploring the outdoors. How big she’ll get and how her features will change is all an exciting mystery.

You maybe wondering about Clive, the cat we got back in November? Well we had to give him back unfortunately; he had a nasty habit of chewing up wires. Even if you were in the same room with him he’d sneak away and chew through a wire. We were too scared for his safety. We also found that we are not very much a cat family; the love and attention that has gone into Lily was not present with Clive. We are all very happy with Lily joining our family.

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9 Responses to And They Call her Lily

  1. oh this is going to be such a source of happiness and comfort for them. hello lily!

  2. Hello Lily! She is a cutie KC, you guys are going to have so much fun!

  3. Congrats on the new addition! She looks adorable :)

  4. Sara W. says:

    I’m glad you guys got a pet that is more harmonious to your family. I think she looks like she has some Red Heeler in her. She is very cute!

  5. karen says:

    Hi lily you are going to have a wonderful life :) by her paw size she looks like she is going to be big :) I love her!

  6. aimee says:

    She’s beautiful :-) Great name too.

  7. Welcome Lily! What a cutie you have there, KC! I don’t see any Shepherd in her either! Whatever her mix is it’s just lovely! Enjoy every moment (though I think that goes without saying)! :)

  8. Meryl says:

    Aww–she’s a sweetie! Congrats on the new family member!

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