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{In my garden is a weekly theme in which I share with you the progress of my vegetable garden. If you would like to join in please feel to share a link to your post or Flickr or Instagram images. Let’s inspire each other! }

This week in our garden is a bit more exciting than last for one big reason, SUN! The sun has returned to this first raised bed I installed back in September and now the kale and carrots and radishes I planted there have begun to grow again. The tomatoes I planted are finally sprouting along with Chimayo chilies and zinnias are in full bloom which makes me happy every time I look out the window.

Just a heads up before I go tomorrow I have a given away going on on My Bit of Earth. If you want to win a custom pot holder you’re in luck!

Have a sunny day my friends!

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4 Responses to In My Garden

  1. Yay for sun. We actually had some today too, but it also brought with it cold temperatures…-23 on our nature walk today.

    Oh I can wait to see little sprouts popping out of the earth here…soon, I just have to patient.

    Looks great KC!

    • KC says:

      -23! We are so far away from that, I’m already in spring mode. I’ve officially put on my chaco’s and am looking into how to make sunscreen. :) I decided rather than be jealous I’ll just embrace everyday as unique weather!

  2. Aimee says:

    Whoop, love those little buds popping up.
    Looking good :)
    With your summer temps do you have irrigate?

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