You are…


My dear V,


You are two, how did it happen so fast? I could barely see my feet over my huge belly and now I can barely catch up with you. You speak in full sentences, to tell me you are happy, sad, lonely, frustrated, excited and sleepy. On some days you can eat more than I do.

You let me cuddle you and kiss your rosy cheeks. And let me hold you just a moment longer even though you want to go.

You love to sing and dance

You love to draw and read books

You are brave to the point of danger

You don’t listen to any warnings we give

You smile at us and say it will be okay

“I do it self” is your motto

You are so peaceful and tranquil and greet every obstacle with patience and a smile


Your babyhood went so fast. I feel like it slipped through my fingers like the fine sand of an hour glass. I feel the tug in my heart to hold on, to keep you small. You are still so small but I forget because you want to be big, “like sister”. My heart says just give us another day.

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13 Responses to You are…

  1. karen says:

    how sweet! Happy birthday to your baby who is not so much a baby anymore.

  2. Meryl says:

    Happy birthday Miss V! And congratulations, mama!

  3. Lisa Coffee says:

    Happy Birthday sweet V! And hugs to you Mama, and Papa, too.

    • KC says:

      Thanks! We had a day full of frustrations but her favorite part was putting on her birthday crown and blowing out a candle.

  4. Shel says:

    Happy birthday sweet V and happy birthing day to you KC! May this next trip around the sun be just amazing as the last two have been!

  5. Aimee says:

    Happy birthday lovely girl, can’t believe your 2 already. You were only a bub when I found the blog!

  6. Whenever I consider giving up blogging, the birthday letters I write to each of my children are what keep me going…they’re such a treasure when you look back on them. Words capture more than any snapshot. Happy birthday! Two is so busy and so wonderful!

    • KC says:

      You should never give up blogging. I love your letters to you children and some many of the real life stories you share!!

  7. Mom says:

    Now that is a Mom talking. Congratulations.


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