Preparing for Summer Solstice

With spring having gotten off to a very slow and unsteady start in most place in the Northern Hemisphere most of you are probably thinking: June, how could it be June already? We just had snow and and frost like two weeks ago? Well June is here and in just three short weeks the first day of summer will be here. The longest day of the year will have arrived and for our family it will be a fun time to celebrate! This year the summer solstice falls on the 21st.


I like to begin our solstice celebrations by taking a big roll of paper and marking  our shadows 10 days before the solstice. We only do ten days because the girls are so young when they get older, I will start at the first of the month. We’ll go for walks, plant some flowers, eat lots of summer veggies, read summer stories and learn as much as we can about this ceaselessly interesting planet of ours!

I’ve compiled a fun list of things for you and your little ones to do leading up to the summer solstice of even just on the day of solstice.

Solstice fun! 

I hope this list helps you get inspired. If you would like to add to the list feel free to in the  comments!

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11 Responses to Preparing for Summer Solstice

  1. Dawn Suzette says:

    Thanks for the great list KC!

  2. Erin says:

    A great list! I always think of the solstice too late… I’m gonna start planning now!

    • KC says:

      Thanks, I know it’s hard to plan when it’s not a main stream holiday. It once was, maybe we all can bring it back again! :)

  3. great ideas!
    In our family we make a meal together with as many ingredients coming from the garden (or in the winter preserved from the garden). We harvest it all together, talk about what to make with what we have (oh the creativity when there isn’t much to work with!) and then we prepare and eat it. I find it a good reminder to appreciate the seasons this way based on what does or doesn’t grow at the time of year. Sometimes we forage if there is anything to forage..Then the following year we look back and what we had to eat for the last solstice or equinox and we can compare the slight seasonal differences year by year.

    • KC says:

      What a cool way to celebrate! I think I will do that. A foraged meal for solstice. Since we are in the city we can’t have a bon fire but I think we might do our week without candles. Not to hard to do when you so much day light to work with.

  4. Great list KC and thanks for the link to the sun catchers :) We love solstice celebrations here and are looking forward to celebrating this year. First project was done this weekend…the summer nature table.

    • KC says:

      Certainly! I bet your summer nature table is lovely. I look forward to having a table just for that purpose Hopefully we’ll be able to have one for fall time.

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  6. Lisa Coffee says:

    Yes! As a summer baby through and through, this is my favorite of the holidays. I’m loving all there is to discover about the natural world around me in our new forest home. Little surprises at every turn, and these longer days are such a treat. And last night, as I was I lay in bed ready to sleep I saw the unmistakable firey blur of a lightening bug fly by my window. A tale tell sign of summer! And a simple pleasure I haven’t been able to enjoy since my childhood.

    • KC says:

      Oh lovely! I do love fireflies. I remember the first time I saw fireflies I was at summer camp. We had hiked up to these hotspring for our overnight camping trip and there were fireflies flying all over the hot springs. It was was magical. Then there was another time I saw them in Italy. I was out walking with a friend at night in an od fortress turned public park. There was a deep well there are it was filled with fireflies.

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