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Well the tiny tea leaves I’ve been working on is almost finished. As of this morning I still need to add the button rows. And I am waiting on some lovely buttons to arrive from one I my sponsors Wild Plums.

I’ve enjoyed knitting this sweater, however I’ve made a ton if mistakes and had to rip things out so many times. But I think V won’t mind. She is only 1.5 after all.

As for reading, not much of that is getting done as I’ve gotten distracted by watching the first season of Downton Abby.

Joining Ginny for Yarn Along

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33 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. karen says:

    Your tiny tea leaves is gorgeous! I pulled out my adult pattern and am still pondering. Not casting on just as yet. I need to recover from the last adult sweater, they are time consuming. From here I see no mistakes and lovely knitting work!

    • KC says:

      Thank you so much! I wish I could take your knitting class. I’ll admit the errors are small here and there in the sleeves. I am not used to knitting with dpn and I dropped stitches all the time. So e I didn’t know how to pick up and so I faked it.

  2. It looks great KC, can’t wait to see it on her.

  3. Taryn Oakley says:

    yay! I just recently finished one…. they are so beautiful!!

  4. woolythymes says:

    looks like someone can’t wait to model it!!

  5. sylvia says:

    hey KC! I have absolutely loved following along your progress with this project. a tiny tea leaves needs to be on my list of to-knits!!

    • KC says:

      Thanks Syliva! You should definitely try it! I’m headed out to the knit shop again this morning to get yarn for S’s TTL. :)

  6. Meryl says:

    Gorgeous–I love the color. Can’t wait to see it on!

  7. Kathi says:

    What a pretty sweater! And, cute tiny hands to add to the picture! I must admit, tiny hands make me gush.

    Isn’t it horrible how Downton Abbey just sucks you in? A good horrible.

  8. Someone looks very eager to try on their sweater! 😉

  9. kerry says:

    Oh, it is so beautiful and bright! I made one for my little girl two years ago and she has just outgrown it. Now to decide if I save it or pass it along to a dear friend!

  10. Sally Bell (Mom) says:

    Wow! I am impressed. Peg will be proud when I show her this picture.


  11. Casey says:

    That color is so cheery! I’m not sure if I should try watching Downton Abbey, I hear all the time that its addicting and I don’t think I have time for another tv show addiction!

    • KC says:

      I’ve found that I end up watching it late at night like 9pm and then I only watch one show. Instead of like 4! If you have Netflix or Amazon Prime you should give it ago.

  12. lori says:

    it’s really adorable, love the yellow and those little hands in the photo!

  13. Heather says:

    Gorgeous color and sweater. It looks to me like she doesn’t mind a few mistakes!

  14. Lisa Coffee says:

    Love it KC! You must be so proud. And is that “patience” I see written there on you pad? Ah, yes. We all need that reminder.

    • KC says:

      Hi Lisa, that is patience you see. I started a journal while at my mom’s house and got it with blank cover so that i could draw on it. I ended up writing patience in several languages. It’s my word for the year. With so much going on I need the constant reminder!

      I am proud of myself. I wish I had undone some of the mistakes. But I learned that I really need to take it slow. I was having so much fin knitting I forgot to pay attention to stich counts quiet often. :/

  15. I love that little sweater. I have always liked the pattern, but alas I keep having boys!

    I have just started Downton Abbey as well. It has been a while since we have watched a show and everyone raved about it, now of course we are hooked. I agree about the 9pm tip, by 10 I am ready for bed.

  16. Oh it looks lovely, I would wear it if it was my size! Little mistakes are the whole point of handmade, right?!

  17. Adorable! And I love the color. A perfect dose of sunshine.

  18. That sweater is gorgeous! I love the yellow color.

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