Grateful Friday


This week was very full for our little family. Lots of new things happened and so I am grateful for:

A mouthful of healthy teeth for me (I hadn’t been to the dentist in 6 years)
Purple sweet potatoes, because they are delicious and my children asked for seconds
A pediatrician who will sit and listen to my worries wholeheartedly and without judgement
The beautiful, stagnant 80 degree weather with no wind
The wonderful response from all of you towards my Solstice Sun Tree Topper
For an amazingly smooth first time trip to the dentist for both my girls
The family I was born into and the amazing opportunities it has afforded me
My high school Italian teacher and good friend who encouraged my love of Italian culture and language; without her my life would be very different today

What are you grateful for?

Linking up with SouleMama for this moment as well.


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13 Responses to Grateful Friday

  1. Lisa Coffee says:

    what a sweet heart. i can’t believe she fell asleep like that!

  2. Nelieta says:

    Stopping by from Soulemama`s moment. Such an adorable moment! I love how children can fall asleep in any place :) Have a great weekend.

    My Moment

  3. I’m grateful for a little girl who has an obsession with making double chocolate chip cookies!

  4. *kate says:

    Oh so cute! And a wonderful list.
    Happy weekend :)

  5. Melissa says:

    That is just so cute, sweet, precious and I could go on. It’s one of those that makes you wanna gush. Have a great weekend!

  6. Sara says:

    Such a sweet child. And purple sweet potatoes? Those sound wonderful. :)

  7. Monica Boho says:

    love the sound of purple sweet potatoes!never seen any. but children asking for seconds is the true bliss.

    • KC says:

      I had’t seen purple sweet potatoes before either but they were in our CSA box. They are really tasty! Thanks for stopping by my space!

  8. Meryl says:

    What a sweet, sleepy girl. And yay for healthy teeth!

  9. Heather says:

    We had purple carrots earlier this year from our CSA. My mistake was making a chicken dish with them. Everything was delicious, but a disturbing gray color!

    • KC says:

      Grey?! I’ve never had that issue with dragon carrots. Usually mine turn orange and lose that lovely purple when I cook them.

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