Handmade Giveaway from Olive and Owl!

The holidays are quickly approaching and I have been crafting away for my family. My evenings are spent sewing, knitting, cutting paper, drawing, and conjuring up new ideas! The result of this is that I’ve got a lot of new things going up in my shop and I would like to promote the shop as well as give something away to one of you wonderful readers.

Since I’ve created a Facebook page for the shop I’ve had many people of both genders “like” the shop page so I will be holding the giveaway with two possibilities: a scarf headband of your choice( doesn’t have to be the one pictured) or this geeky drawstring bag made with PAC-MAN and space invaders fabric.

I made one of these for hubby and he uses it for his D&D dice. Of course if you are a girl and want the drawstring bag you can choose that instead! To enter to win simply leave a comment below. I will also be pulling comments from the shop’s Facebook page so feel free to comment there as well. I will announce the winner on Friday via random number generator.

Thanks for all your support of my little business and the blog! Have a great holiday!

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9 Responses to Handmade Giveaway from Olive and Owl!

  1. Eerik says:

    First to comment! Lucky me! The giveaway goodies look really cool, KC!

  2. Josee says:

    Love the geeky bags :) My husband would be thrilled to put some of his gaming dice and extra gaming pieces in those.

  3. Thanks KC. Love those bags :)

  4. Mountain Girl says:

    Love the scarf headband!

  5. Lisa says:

    Ooh those bags! X

  6. Lisa Coffee says:

    I wish I could channel some of your crafty energy. Mine is all used up right now. And my unwashed hair might actually look cute in one of those headbands!

  7. Mountain Girl says:

    Oh, Lisa! I concur with the unwashed hair. These days it doesn’t even bother me anymore. :)

  8. sylvia says:

    lovely giveaway, thanks!! i like the drawstring bag!

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