Fall in a Box


A few weeks ago I tweeted this picture of S and V attempting to crunch leaves that had fallen off the vines on our front porch. As we have no trees here with large beautiful leaves that change color (you need to drive three hours away for that) we were making due. When I checked my phone later that day I was so surprised to see notes from Annie and Meryl saying they were each sending us a box of leaves! Too awesome! So I kept it a big surprise.


The day before S’s birthday a box arrived in the mail. S was very curious as she always is about boxes in the mail and was following me around trying to get a peak. So I grabbed some scissors and plopped her on the couch (the couch is outside because we were having a garage sale at the time).

I opened the box and what did I find but the most beautiful leaves ever!

And stars! Annie’s box had arrived first so we threw the leaves on our heads, then realized we couldn’t crunch them on the couch we were trying to sell and moved over to the “forest”.

We call the space on the porch where there are tall shrubs and some jasmine vines “the forest”. Then the crunching began. And didn’t stop until the leaves were almost dust! As you can’t see from S’s outfit it wasn’t very cold here.

On Monday our joy was renewed by another box packed with leaves from Kansas! We are still crunching these as they are holding up really well.


Let me not forget though, another box of leaves, this one from Canada. It was packed with leaves dipped in beeswax, acorns and pine cones. It was labeled nature toys and that was exactly what they became. The acorns have found loving spots all over our house. The leaves fragrant and bursting with color sit on our nature plate awaiting some string to become a garland. All of these leaves are so beautiful and full of color it’s hard for me to let the girls play with them, crinkle crunch and turn them to dust. I never really realized how beautiful these nature toys really are having never experienced them myself. They were as much of a surprise for me as for them.

Thank you for caring so much. The joy in my girls eyes was enough to make me tear up. The kindness these three ladies have shown us even though we have never met continues to warm my heart every time I look at the leaves or smell beeswax. THANK YOU!

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10 Responses to Fall in a Box

  1. You are so welcome KC, so happy to hear you are enjoying them :) Have a great day!

  2. Meryl says:

    You’re very welcome! I think I had almost as much fun anticipating the fun as you guys did receiving it–lol!

    • KC says:

      It was fun to be on the anticipatory and receiving ends! I knew about it of course but she did not. So I was so excited to see what she would say.

  3. Lisa Coffee says:

    Such good friends. And such a sweet gift for you and the girls!

  4. Heather says:

    What a wonderful gift. I love how your daughter is wearing her swimsuit to rake leaves. Such is the fall in Arizona :)

    • KC says:

      It was such a heart felt gift. I was as excited to get them as they were! When she was raking the leaves it was 93 degrees out!

  5. i think this has to be the most adorable and touching fall moments i’ve seen- how blessed you are to receive 3 boxes of fall leaves for your girls to crunch away in! perfect prep for the east coast fall they’ll be experiencing soon, right?!

    • KC says:

      Right! We are still enjoying the leaves! The other day I strung up all the leaves that Kim sent us that were dipped in wax and hung them above my daughter’s bed. Such beautiful decorations!

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