This Girl is Three

Yesterday this girl turned three. We celebrated in a small way, a birthday crown, blowing candles out on birthday ring and small bit of gelato cake from our favorite gelateria.

I wanted to write something poetic about her like I see so many of my favorite bloggers doing when their children have a birthday, but I found myself without words. So I thought I would let her speak for herself.

Sayings of S:

  • First word: “iPad”
  • “‘Mama, let’s chat”
  • First poem: “I want to zoom on a broom like a rhubarb room”.
  • “I am NOT going to do it”
  • “Becaaaause…..”
  • “I’m uncomftaful”
  • “That’s the deal. ” (when describing something that she has to do but doesn’t want to, but we reached an agreement halfway)
  • “V is being a bossy boss.”
  • “Frigeraferter”- instead of refrigerator
  • “Sprinkly”- anything, shiny, sparkly, brightly colored
  • “Croaked”- when you hurt some body part or crunch or break something, basically anytime something is hurt or damaged.
  • “I want to put my pajamas on” (soon after putting on clothes)
  • “I want to put my clothes on” (soon after putting on pajamas)
  • “I want to be naked” (when about to go out, especially in the winter)

She still says many baby things and uses Italian as well. Watching her grow and become an independent thinker has been really incredible. Two was  an enormous year of growth and I can hardly imagine what this next year will bring!

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8 Responses to This Girl is Three

  1. Kathleen says:

    Happy Birthday Sofia! As we get ready for Isaac’s 3rd birthday on Thursday, I too have been reflecting on how much he’s been growing lately. Even the last 6 months have seen such huge changes. It sounds like you had a wonderful celebration for Sofia.

  2. Happy birthday Sofia!!! Looks like a great celebration. Wishing her an amazing, adventurous and joyful year ahead.

  3. Lori says:

    happy happy birthday :)

  4. LOL especially the last one. I know that one well as well!! Happy birthday to both of you!!

  5. Lisa Coffee says:

    Love these pictures of your beautiful girl. I hope this next year brings many, many sprinkly moments her way! Love to you all.

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