KCWC day three

This clothing challenge is too fun! Every night I’ve set aside time for clothing making. This is dress is the latest project completed yesterday. I’m sorry I don’t have pictures of the girls wearing these clothes, it’s still too hot out for flannel dresses… Next up is a pair of pants for S using a pattern from a japanese girls clothing book I bought three years ago and no there is no english in the book!

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6 Responses to KCWC day three

  1. super cute! i bought a few japanese pattern books years ago and never got around to doing anything with them… aside from look through the beautiful photographs :) i’m interested to hear your experience actually using the patterns.

    • KC says:

      Those books have the cutest clothing in them! I’m starting with the easiest pattern in the book. So far it’s worked out just fine because there are so many illustrations. It took a little while to find the pattern on all the pattern pages, but I copied the kanji and then looked for it. It’s like a sewing scavenger hunt! :)

  2. Lisa Coffee says:

    my machine has only been packed for a little over a month and i’m missing it! can’t wait to see how your pants turn out. love this little dress. for S or V?

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