Kids Clothing Week Challenge!

In light of the coming cool weather season and the fact that both girls are out growing their clothing, I decided to join in with Elsie Marley and her Kids Clothing Week Challenge. The idea is to set aside just one hour each day this week to sew something for your kids.

When I think of sewing clothes I think of doing it all at one time and how many hours I need to work. This often leads to many half-done projects. However putting in only an hour at a time is really very reasonable and I would think a good way to make progress on projects when you are a mama who has to schedule just about every activity in her life!

I kind of jumped the gun and worked Friday and Saturday night on two different things. A skirt for S and a dress for V. Both made from cotton flannel. I’ve got a lot more things to work on this week like pants and shirts for S who has finally outgrown all her 2T clothes. If you love that simple dress I made V, you can make one yourself by using my Easy Long Sleeve tutorial!



Now, I know this seems crazy when you can go to the consignment shop or even target and get shirts for three bucks. But each piece I make is unique and suited to their personalities. Also S has long legs but is super skinny so none of the pants in the stores will fit her waist! She will be the ultimate skinny jeans wearer.

Don’t forget to check in tomorrow for Pumpkin Tuesday!  Have a great week.


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6 Responses to Kids Clothing Week Challenge!

  1. Both of your projects are so sweet…but I really LOVE that dress! Wish I had the tute when Zia was little–I looked all over the web for a tutorial just like that. :(

    • KC says:

      That’s why I made he tutorial, I couldn’t find anything either that was super basic. His dress take about 45 minutes to make start to finish.

  2. Love that little skirt, so cute!

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