CSA Sunday

This week we’ve got a bit of summer still lingering:
Sweet potato greens, Armenian cucumbers, okra, Thai white eggplants, jalapeños, breakfast radishes, salad turnips.










This morning we had a really beautiful time at the market. The turn of the season here in southern Arizona is so full of food. Many of the stalls were overflowing with squashes and melons, onions, carrots. The last of summer pushing its way out while autumn begins to show its golden colors. S requested that I buy a tiny tiny pumpkin! Our CSA basket will soon be over flowing with butternut squash and other winter squashes, I can’t wait because that means the I can finally start Pumpkin Tuesday up again, my October feature! I tried it out a few years ago when I first started the blog and had no readers…

I hope your weekend was full of color and good eats!

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4 Responses to CSA Sunday

  1. Looks fabulous. We picked up our first pumpkin this weekend too, Reece wanted a big one :) The seeds are waiting to be roasted, hopefully today. We love pumpkin in our home, it gets put in just about everything this time of year :)

    Have a lovely week KC!

    • KC says:

      Lovely! We’re trying to find a time to go down to the pumpkin patch here. They have organic pumpkins. But our CSA basket will also be getting lots of winter squashes on so I’m hesitant to buy any right now !

  2. What lovely pictures, such abundance!! My littles were eying the pumpkins today at the market. It is that time of year!

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