When visions don’t work out

After having posted the previous post, I had full intended on posting this wonderful post about our second time celebrating the fall equinox. We’ve been talking about it for a month now. Sofia knows all about the earth turning around the sun and tilting on its axis and why seasons occur. I wanted to show you pictures of us having a fall-inspired picnic at the park and show you the crafts we made…

Saturday morning came and I made pumpkin muffins; they were delicious, we took a walk and then we were getting ready to go to the park when chaos came down upon us. Our landlord showed up without warning and needed wanted to do repairs on the house. So our whole morning was gone. The girls were cranky and hungry, the house smelled like horrible paint and epoxy, and we were told we couldn’t use the kitchen sink due to a crack in one of the pipes. Viola came down with a cold and Sofia a serious case of being almost three years old.  I’ll save you all the rest as it was not pretty. A big thank you to those of you on twitter who gave me a pat on the back.

Though I didn’t have huge plans for the weekend, I did want it to be one that was slow and easy, filled with gratitude and time spent outdoors. That didn’t happen at all. However, I decided that at the end of our very hard day we would say one thing we were grateful for that day and I was surprised at how good it felt to hear what each person had to say. We will be doing this now everyday at dinner time. I’m curious to see how it changes though out the years. Incase you are curious, Sofia was grateful for the trip into the giant freezer at Costco (we go in there for fun because it’s soooo cold).

Today I made up for the weekend by taking the girls to the park. We had a lovely morning, then we came home and finished our fall leaf wreath and of course took lovely pictures of all our CSA goodies!

What do you do when things go completely off-track and are look nothing like you had planned?

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8 Responses to When visions don’t work out

  1. Sorry about your weekend. Sounds like you found beauty in it anyway!

    • KC says:

      Thanks, it was bummer. But you know there are lots of weekends. Just too bad it had to happen on a weekend we were all looking forward too.

  2. Sorry about your weekend, not fun. So glad you found a way to turn it around :)

    • KC says:

      There was one moment where the girls fell asleep in the car and D says to me, “We’ll at least we get some alone time.” We laughed.

  3. Lisa Coffee says:

    Bummer. Ugh, lame landlords for barging in. When is your temp move?

  4. Meryl says:

    Try to laugh and improvise? Truly, I can be horrible when things don’t go according to plan. It typically ends up fine, but I fret the whole way. Good for you for handling the change in plans with good grace and humor!

  5. the habit of being says:

    sorry about the weekend plans being hijacked! definitely not fun but i think it’s a valuable lesson for kids: things don’t always go according to plan. revising plans and making it to the park the next day was good, it sounds like you handled it well.

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