Desert Oasis

The desert, as everyone knows, is a really harsh environment to live in. It’s hot and prickly and most things sting or bite. We decided to escape all that and go to the botanical gardens with some friends who had never been there. The Tucson Botanical Gardens are wonderful oasis in the desert. A respite from the heat, though this day, it was actually really lovely at 86 degrees with a cool breeze. Thank you cold front from Alaska!

Inside the orchid house it was humid, hot and dripping. My glasses fogged up with in a minute of being in there.  Somehow S was quite comfortable with her long sleeves, winter tights and fur-lined boots (she is ready for fall).

S wanted to stay there for a long time but the air was a bit stifling. When we stepped outside, the cool breeze was such a relief. It’s kind of exhilarating to step into a climate so drastically different.  V was with us though she spent most of the time on my back. It’s hard for a new walker to keep up with 4 three-year olds!

The miniature town and train tracks were a big hit and we spent a while watching the trains go round and round. This was good for the mamas as we got to chat and chat and chat.

This garden was originally an old homestead. They would plant large trees around the property to keep the house cool in the summer without air conditioning. The garden is full of life from all the fruit trees and herb gardens to butterflies, birds, and lizards. It’s a wonderful way to get out in into nature without leaving the city!

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6 Responses to Desert Oasis

  1. Lisa Coffee says:

    Beautiful! I’ve been keeping up with your posts but not able to comment as much with my little one at the breast most of the time. But I’m still here, following right along.

  2. Looks lovely!! Looks to me like S is ready to make that move north with those boots, leggings and long sleeves :)

    • KC says:

      She is all set. She talks about fall equinox like it’s a major world holiday. She is going to wear her tights and then footie pajamas. This girl wants nothing more then snow and cold.

  3. emma says:

    Such a beautiful place – those flowers are amazing!

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