September Sponsor: Cubit’s

You’ve heard me talk about Cubit’s before, I even did a lovely seed pack giveaway a while back. Now Laura is joining me as a sponsor here on the blog. I sat down to ask her a few questions before her lovely new baby boy was born and here’s what she had to say!

Me– When and how did you start your home-grown business?
Laura- Cubit’s officially started a little over three years ago. I had been thinking of branching out and going into business for myself for a while and suddenly the opportunity to really turn my interest in growing our own food into more than a hobby presented it’s self. While pregnant with my daughter, I enrolled in an entrepreneur course, worked with a mentor and got Cubit’s up and running.

Me-What are your favorite veggies that you grow?

Laura- Tomatoes  are my absolute favourite thing to grow and also my favourite food. I tend to go overboard and grow at least 30 varieties each year but there really is not much better than a picking a gorgeous heirloom tomato that is still warm from the sun.
I love their versatility as we eat them fresh in the summer, freeze, dry and can them for winter . No other plant offers the diversity of colours, sizes and shapes as the tomato. This year we are growing, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, black, and even blue. There are pleated, slicers, cherries and pears ranging from tiny current sized ones, dwarf plants growing in pots to giant beefsteak white tomatoes. Delicious!

Me- How do you think being a farmer will help connect your children to their food? Does your daughter eat straight off the plants like mine?

Laura- Rebecca has a real fondness for the garden and a real understanding of where her food comes from. There is little as enjoyable as watching her pick potatoes or telling dinner guests that she grew that tomato. She has always nibbled at will in the gardens and I think she’s developing a truly positive relationship with good whole foods.

Me-What are your favorite seed suggestions for a newbie gardener?

Laura- The best advice I can offer is to start with what you love and to start small. If you buy tomatoes every single time you go grocery shopping then they are a good candidate. You certainly don’t need to grow 16 varieties either, maybe start with a variety for sandwiches like the classic Brandywine  along with a cherry type  for salads.
Herbs  are also excellent as they take up very little room and aren’t very fussy. The satisfaction of adding your own basil and oregano to a tomato sauce is hard to beat.

Me– What are your favorite go to snacks?

Laura-We eat a pretty varied diet that includes as much seasonal produce as possible. This week that means peaches; In the fall we’ll eat too many apples along with cheddar cheese.

Me- What are your most loved and most dreaded garden visitors?

Laura- We grow both in the city and in the country and the visitors to our garden are varied. This year rabbits have been helping themselves from both locations and while they are cute I wish they had left me a little chard.

Thank you for talking with me! To find out more about Laura and Cubit’s visit her lovely website and the Cubit’s Etsy shop .

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  1. Great interview, so nice to see you here Laura :) And congratulations on the arrival of your little one, enjoy every precious moment.

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