Winter wonderland

DSC09300We recently took a trip to the mountains to spend some time in a cabin, hopefully surrounded by snow.

IMG_3959When we got up there we definitely had snow. We were all so excited. Sledding and snow hikes happened, along with snowball fights and time spent examining the formation of icicles and even a birthday cake for me.


This cake was epic! Dairy free and gluten free. Made by C, who is an amazing baker!

IMG_3963 DSC09333Then it began to snow! Yay, we thought. How lovely it looks and we oohed and awed for two days. Then we woke in the night to the pellet stove going out and realized the power too had gone out, along with the water. We no longer oohed or awed.

IMG_3977 IMG_3984In the morning my car was buried 2 feet deep in snow and it was still snowing. A severe winter storm had arrived that lasted all day and night.

IMG_3980The morning we were supposed to go home after our happy time playing in the snow we woke to a complete white out. There was no going home.


So we made the best of it and trudged down to the lodge in the whiteout and got a bottle of wine to pass the evening.


For a while we were even snowed into the lodge, waiting for enough visibility to return to our cabin.

There was still no power or water but luckily we had a gas stove and matches.

DSC09348 DSC09346 We melted snow to make tea and coffee, flush the toilets, and wash dishes. We used antique oil lamps to light our evening meal.

DSC09349In the morning the sky was blue and the sun was shiny. Everything was beautiful again. Only it was all buried under three feet of snow. Our food was running low and the power was still out. We needed to get home.

DSC09350We spent the whole morning either shoveling snow or watching the snow plow go around attempting to move snow. By noon the power finally came back on. Doubtful emails were sent to family and jobs saying we probably wouldn’t make it home for another few days as another storm was supposed to move in that even dumping another foot or two of snow.

DSC09360Then, just as we gave up on the idea of going home, the state snow plows came barreling down the road sweeping away the three feet of snow like it was crumpled paper.

We packed in less than 20 minutes and were on the road with the new storm chasing our tails. It was the fodder for amazing memories and serious character building. I’d like to thank my dear friend C who was there with us and was the only one with serious snow experience giving us tips on how to sled, shovel snow without breaking our backs, and drive in slush and ice.

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The Stillness

dsc09264Do you ever get the feeling that you are being over-saturated with media? Twelve years ago when D and I were living and traveling in Europe we didn’t have smartphones or GPS; we had a travel book and maps. We relied on ourselves to get around. And news wasn’t at our fingertips all the time. The collective consciousness of the internet was limited to your computer, if you had one. Just writing this blog would have been a novelty.

My last post was November 9th. Since then I feel like I have been over-saturated with news and opinions and I felt like my voice here wasn’t necessary. So I stayed quiet. I think that is the beauty of Instagram, you don’t have to say anything at all.

The world outside of my house feels a bit crazy every time I open my news app to try and keep informed. I can’t even throw the phone like you could the newspaper. But you know what? Life inside my house is pretty awesome. Because we all need a little bit more love to balance all the crazy, here are some lovely things from my world.

dsc09284 dsc09285 Our nature table is looking pretty awesome this winter. I want to be in this serene place all the time.


We’ve had almost two inches of rain since the winter solstice; the ground is absolutely saturated, and my garden couldn’t be happier.


Nag Champa to remind me of my travels to India and my hippie uncle.


Homemade chocolate for a friend’s birthday. I make very very dark raw chocolate. The top bar is peppermint cacao nibs and the lower is a mix of homegrown calendula and lavender.


Filling the luminarias for Solstice. Funny how they have finally learned to do the “I’m getting my picture taken” smile.


I have a really interesting micro climate in my backyard that allows me to grow flowers pretty much year-round. These speckled zinnia’s are so lovely. They are about the size of a quarter.

dsc09260We just took down all the solstice decorations yesterday. Or rather D and the girls surprised me by taking it all down while I was at a work meeting. We had a very lovely holiday season and took it all slowly and one day at a time to really savor our time as a family.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

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A colorful walk


Golden, you are,
Golden sovereigns on your trees.
Golden guineas on your floor,
golden coin of leaves that fall
for us to scuffle through
and rustle
and rattle
and hustle
and scrabble
and dabble
and paddle
as they fall
into an October carpet
which hides our shoes.

  ~ Elsa Beskow

We read a lot of Elsa Beskow books around here. Which leads to a longing for fall leaves and rustling our feet in them and crunching them. We live in the low desert though and maples just don’t grow among Palo Verde and Saguaro cactus. However, we do have a 9,000ft mountain right up the road, and with that mountain comes small hidden groves of Rocky Mountain Maples.
img_3713 img_3715

We headed up the mountain last week and found we were not too late, so we took our packs and headed down this two-mile stretch of trail where the maples grow.

img_3737 img_3728 img_3730 img_3733 img_3734 img_3740 img_3741

The colors were stunning in the golden afternoon light. Leading us ever on and on until we knew it would take us too long to make the trek back. The air was perfect too. Just cold enough for long sleeves and pants but not so cold you needed a sweater.

img_3709 img_3738

Needless to say, we brought a few leaves home to decorate and make a few pieces of art with.

I know fall leaf season is almost over in the north, but if you need something to do with those remaining leaves check out the tutorial I created over on the Sparkle Stories blog for making a waxed leaf banner.

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New Costumes

This gallery contains 3 photos.

For years, D and I have been re-using the Renaissance costumes I made almost 10 years ago, for every single costume party we are invited to, but this year we decided to have new costumes. So I set to work in … Continue reading

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A Long Trip

dsc08954 dsc08957 dsc08961

We recently took a very long road trip, 2,000 miles to be exact. From Tucson to Albuquerque to Austin and back. We started with a very brief one day stop over in Albuquerque to pick up my mom and to attending the Balloon Fiesta. It was a windy blustery day and the balloons went up for 30 minutes before a huge thunder and lightning storm rolled over and we all ran for our cars.

As many of you know when I visit my mom I always go to Kakawa the chocolate shop in Santa Fe. I get the same chocolate with chili and a little box of chocolates to go.

dsc08985 The next day we headed for Austin. The reason for the trip was both pleasure and business. I went to visit my cousins, whom I haven’t seen in 20 years, and their families and I visited with my co-workers on the Sparkle Stories team. It was really great to go to a meeting in person.


We spent three days in Austin eating well, sight-seeing, and visiting the flagship Whole Foods store. That Whole Foods was somewhat overwhelming; it was like being in a department store of natural living.


Next we headed back to the wilderness to visit Carlsbad Caverns National Park. I hadn’t been there since I was a child with my grandparents. We watched the bat flight… of which I have no pictures because camera clicks and cell phone signals mess up the bats flight.

dsc09002 dsc09007

The next day we headed into the cave. A one mile 800 foot descent into the ground. We’ve been studying caves for the past month and visited caves in Arizona, so visiting one of the largest caves was a real treat.

dsc09011 dsc09022 dsc09025 dsc09032 dsc09055

This is us still going down after 30 minutes of walking. The descent is very steep, wet, and dark. I have a really great camera that can capture low light, but honestly it was very dark despite the few lights on.

dsc09098 dsc09127

We met my mom at the bottom for a tour of the Big Room. It was spectacular.

dsc09136 dsc09156

Because one National Park in a day is not enough we hit up the nearby Guadalupe Mountains National Park. Such a beauty. I’d love to go back in the winter when it’s not hot and explore the back country. After that visit we drove all the way back to Tucson. It was a long day, needless to say!

Now onto Halloween. Our costumes are almost finished. I’ll post a picture soon. It’s such a fun mish-mash of things.

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Celebrating Fall and Samhain

dsc08863September and October are two very magical months. The change from summer to fall can be seen everywhere even here in the low desert.  I’m sure the same goes for the Southern Hemisphere too in the equivalent months. About a month before the equinox the light changes. It becomes slightly warmer and less harsh. I think anyone who spends a significant amount of time outside, either observing weather, gardening, looking at the stars, or similar will notice this. As a photographer I always look for light. I think artists see the change in light temperature the easiest.

dsc08890I’ve written about celebrating fall many times before. This year I stepped up my game and added a fall countdown calendar like we have for spring and winter and summer.  I find this helps us mark the season a little more formally, with various activities and crafts leading up to the day of the equinox.  By making a point to focus on the change of seasons I find my children are more connected to the passing of time and how nature is affected by it.

DSC07415This year I’ve decided to focus on the idea of Samhain (Sow-ween) for our October celebrations. We’ve already added all the earth celebrations, why not this one too?  The focus behind this celtic holiday was honoring the dead and the thinning of the veils between the fairy world and ours.  Here is the catch though, it’s not about being terrified of the dead, being scared or blood and monsters. It was actually the New Year’s celebration for the Celts, the cycle of death and rebirth. I like this more gentle version that includes honoring the dead and feeling comfortable with death rather than the scary version that terrifies children (and adults). So we will try it this year with dinner and some treats. There will of course still be  costumes and a party with friends but not so much emphasis on the scary part. Maybe it’s because the real world is scary enough right now I don’t need to pretend that there are monsters out there.

Happy Fall Equinox everyone!

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In My Garden dsc08844

The other night as I was bringing the dish water out to the compost pile (yes I have to water my compost it’s so dry here) I commented to D about how nice it was that the days and nights are getting cooler. He leaned in and squinted at the thermometer on the porch and laughed, “If you call 92 degrees at 6pm cool.”

Yes, I do consider that cooler. When it’s 65 in the morning and I can walk the garden wearing a cardigan, a cup of tea in hand and admire all the tomato flowers that have come back due to the cooler weather, well that’s cool September weather to me.

dsc08845 dsc08846 dsc08847

This summer has been a really great learning experience. I’ve had some spectacular failures and some horrible bug issues. But I like to think of those as opportunities to become a better gardener. A gardener who understands the needs of the soil and the plants better.

In the garden right now: bell peppers, chili peppers, tomatoes, pumpkin, okra, eggplant, three types of basil, beans, cucumbers, sunflowers, and lots of herbs.

Of the weekend I planted radishes, carrots, spinach and chard.

Over the summer I had to take the green house apart because several strong storms tried to take it away. I’ll be setting that up again soon and starting things from seed for a winter garden.

dsc08848 dsc08849 dsc08850 dsc08851

This gangly looking plant is amaranth. It grows like a weed around here and makes very nutritious and tasty seeds. I’m growing it out back by the compost pile in an effort to attract the birds to the back of the garden where they can eat this instead of  the more tender plants. I will let this go to seed and hope that next spring there is a whole lot of them here ready and waiting for the on slot of starving finches.

dsc08852 dsc08853

Lastly, my compost pile. I don’t talk about it very much… it’s not very pretty. I have two piles going right now. I’m really proud of these piles. I’ve been putting in material for months and months and months, and nothing was happening. Then one day I realized it was just too dry to decompose anything. So I began tossing my dish water on the compost rather than the various plants around the yard. Within hours the pile was hot. It shrunk at least two feet lower within a few days. This is the stage it’s currently at. I wanted to show the compost because you rarely see that kind of thing even in gardening books. I finally get how to compost.

The garden circle is starting to be connected. I have every intention of making my small urban garden into a functioning permaculture system. I like to call this “the learning garden”.

How did your gardens do this summer?

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Summer’s End

DSC08822Hello there! I guess I took an unintentional break from this space. I found that over the summer I had nothing to say. This morning however, I was wandering my garden as I do every morning looking for whatever needs to be seen, and I suddenly had the feeling of needing to reconnect with my blog and all of you lovely people who are following me here. So I’m stepping back in.

Our lives have been so full this summer between camping trips, visits with friends, dinner parties, and family time. Oh, there has been lots of cleaning too. D decided we should have a cleaning and gelato day once a month. This has actually worked incredibly well for us. The house is so much cleaner as a result and my job as main house cleaner during the week seems less daunting when there isn’t a mass of dust bunnies and clutter.

DSC08766I’m welcoming fall with all my being. It has been a hot, dry summer here. Most of the storms have moved right around our part of the city leaving the garden and my rain barrels so dry. It was a really good learning experience though. It changed my game plan for next year in really big way. I’ll get to that in another post soon for those of you interested in low desert gardening.


I have also been doing a lot of crafty making and blogging elsewhere during this break. If you don’t know I am the Media Curator for Sparkle Stories. You can see where I’ve been putting a lot of creative time in the Sparkle Crafts section of their blog. I think this was a big reason I stopped blogging; that, and our homeschooling starting up more intensively.

As for my personal crafting, I made a sweater for V and am working on one for S. I’ve made dresses for the girls and myself, and even doll clothes for their waldorf dolls. Now as we head into fall and Samhain and Halloween draw near it’s all about costumes. This year I’m taking a more gentle an earthy approach to the this holiday: less scary and more magic; more on that later too (can you see I’ve got lots to talk about now). The whole family is getting new costumes, which I will leave for a surprise post when they are all done.

All and all, things are good and I am happy to be back in this space.

How are you all doing?

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This is Camping

DSC08753 DSC08757 DSC08758 DSC08759 DSC08760 DSC08761 DSC08764 DSC08765 DSC08769 DSC08773There is something about camping that brings us out of our shells. Camping means relying on and living in close proximity to others. If you are lucky enough to find people who like to camp like you do, then you are set.

Did you know a place this beautiful and not at all like a desert exists in southern Arizona? Did you know that it’s okay once in awhile to have “all the things smore’s” (albeit all the ingredients were gluten free and vegan)?

I dare  say that the best conversations happen around a campfire late at night with owls hooting, a stainless steel glass of wine in your hand, and a million stars in the sky.

It’s places and trips like these that stop time. That make this one precious life so worthwhile.

I’ve loved camping since I was child. We went camping like this every summer. It looked slightly different depending on which parent I was with. If it was my dad we camped in the back of his truck under the camper shell. He always brought a watermelon and would put it in the river surrounded by rocks to stay cool. If it was with my mom we would camp out in her 1970’s orange canvas A-frame tent. We had a gas stove and kerosene lamp that lit up the whole woods around us. No matter how we camped, it was always fun.

What does your camping look like?

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In My Garden

DSC08729 DSC08730 DSC08731 DSC08732 DSC08733 DSC08734 DSC08735 DSC08736 DSC08737 DSC08738 DSC08739In June a desert garden is a desperate place. Both plants and animals (humans included) are in a fight to survive. The plants need water daily and lots of shade to survive the heat before the rains come. I recently learned that tender plants like those in a vegetable garden can actually get too much sun, making it hard for them to keep up with proper photosynthesis, so they need shade. Unlike more northern places where it’s not necessary to shade plants.

The birds have been desperate for water and food. They come and eat all the tender leaves. I’ve let them have the one kale plant and one chard plant and given up on the sunflowers and zinnias. I’ve seeded again this weekend so hopefully I’ll have flowers come August.

This is not to say that things aren’t going well, they are. We had our first monsoon storm this weekend. My rain barrel harvested 25 gallons of water in less than an hour. The plants were ever so happy about all the rain. I’ve harvested 18 1/2 pounds of tomatoes! The season has barely begun and all those tomatoes already. There are lots of beans and basil, we harvest 8 pounds of apples from our trees. I know it feels a bit early for apples but we are at such a low elevation that they ripen early.

I’ve been harvesting potatoes. This is my first year growing them. Oh these little spuds are delicious. There don’t seem to be many potatoes in the ground. I’m waiting till the plants die back but I’m still not finding as many as I thought from the way they grew. Which makes me think growing them in a big barrel might be better. Easier to keep the soil moist and to mound up the soil around the plants.

This weekend the girls and I did three sisters monsoon planting. It’s really more like 5 sisters, that being: corn, beans, squash, sunflowers and amaranth. This is an experiment I’ve not tried yet. My hope is by planting with the rains, I will have planted late enough that the squash bugs are done, there is more wild food for the birds to eat, and lots of water for the plants.

With Summer Solstice come and gone we are now in full swing of summer. Wish you slow happy days!

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