In My Garden

DSC06681 DSC06679 DSC06678 DSC06676 DSC06673 DSC06672 DSC06671 DSC06670 DSC06669 DSC06668 DSC06667 DSC06665 DSC06664 DSC06661 DSC06660 DSC06659 DSC06657My garden has reached it’s third trimester. It’s at that point where the vines are laden with fruit so heavy I have to prop them up. There are tomatoes of every size, baby eggplants, chilies, bell peppers, garlic, green beans, kale, chard, the first zucchini, all the herbs, and so many flowers. I so love being outside in the garden. Now I am waiting for it all to ripen; I’m ready to eat Summer!

The okra and melons and cucumbers are flowering along with new butternut squash sprouts. I decided butternut squash might be a better idea this year instead of the big head cheese because 60 pounds of winter squash is getting the better of us.

How are your sprouts doing? What’s popping up or growing in your garden?

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Chicken TV

DSC06626 DSC06621 DSC06620 DSC06618 DSC06614 DSC06613 DSC06606Yep, we’re those people who pull up chairs and sit and watch their chickens live. Chickens are endlessly entertaining. They are kind of dim-witted and brilliant at the same time. I recommend that everyone in the whole world spend at least one day with a chicken.

This post features Zianna, Cheep and Bluebell in that order. What do you think of the chicken coop? All we need to put up now is the chainlink fence and hardwire cloth. We best get to it because these girls are getting big and running out of space in the kennel.

Happy Thursday!

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DSC06608 DSC06603

This weekend was:

  • filled with glorious sunflowers blooming one after the other
  • full of good homemade food
  • way more gourmet chocolate than I ever normally eat
  • surprise cookbook gifts
  • finishing our chicken coop (pics to come this week)
  • installing laminate flooring in the first of our 4 bedrooms
  • filled with beautiful cool weather
  • sleepless nights due to spring allergies
  • dinner/cooking lesson with good friends
  • news of an exciting new opportunity for me (I can’t tell just yet I’m sorry!)

I hope those of you who are mothers had a lovely day yesterday, or if not, you spent time with your mama. Mamas need all the love and kindness they can get. I should mention I co-authored a book this time last year called Mind Body Love with a lot of other wonderful mothers. You can download it for free here.

Happy Monday!

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In My Garden

DSC06587When I started this blog I called it “Little Homestead in the Desert”. I had dreams one day of having a place of my own with a huge garden and livestock. Well, that pretty much has come true. We have a place of our own, a 300 sq ft. garden, and now chickens! I feel like the addition of livestock let’s me call it a homestead. :)

The garden is really thriving. Our temperatures have been cooler than normal with a rain storm every week and a half. The tomato plants are sagging under the weight of all the tomatoes. There are green beans and chili peppers!

DSC06601DSC06600DSC06599 DSC06598

The chicken coop under construction. It still needs paint, a roof, a lid for the nesting boxes, and of course the chain link fencing and an extra layer of hardwire cloth.

DSC06596DSC06595 DSC06594DSC06593DSC06592DSC06590DSC06586There is zucchini soon and eggplants, sunflowers reaching for the sky and  lots and lots of flowers!! I feel so rich, I can’t wait to stop buying produce for the summer. How are your gardens?


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Nature Pal Exchange

DSC06249 DSC06250 DSC06252 DSC06253 DSC06254 DSC06255DSC06602About a month ago dear friend L sends me a text message saying I need to sign up for this Nature Pal Exchange on Instagram. We’ll I’m a huge fan of nature exchanges so I signed us up. I eagerly awaited who it might be and who I could send bits of the desert too. Well of all the people who signed up, L and I were chosen for each other. Well no problem with that, I already have her address and everything! So the girls and I went on a few walks collecting bits and bobs of the less pokier things the desert has to offer. We included a few paintings and even a solar print. Then I put it all in a box and sent it off the day before I left for New Mexico.

While we were gone L sent their box to us. Upon our return we opened it up, and oh the treasures we found! I’ve since put them all in a shadow box and hung them on the wall. Shadow boxes are so neat especially ones filled with nature treasures.

Happy Tuesday!

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Bits of Nature

DSC06581 DSC06580 DSC06579 DSC06578
DSC06572 DSC06569 DSC06568 DSC06560 DSC06559 DSC06552 DSC06539 DSC06520 DSC06518We went camping again this weekend, only this time it was just us and our dear friends. We had a blast on this all-girls weekend. We’ve decided to go camping once a month as long as the weather allows so that our girls can really fall in love with being outside and know it in an intimate way that goes beyond hikes and park days. The girls played and played, making fairy houses and finding treasures. We took a few exploratory walks and had a bonfire each night. We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather.

My favorite part of the whole thing was getting to chat late into the night with my friend (who we’ll call C from now on) drinking wine from stainless steel glasses by the fire.  What a luxury.

This place had its own magic being a birding hot spot. We saw at least a dozen different bird species including a wild turkey that walked right through our camp!

Happy Monday everyone!

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Cheep, cheep

DSC06471 DSC06470 DSC06465 DSC06458IMG_1161This happened this weekend. Oh my is this is going to be fun. Now I have 11 mouths to feed in this house. These chickies are by far the easiest of those mouths to feed. There are 8 of them: 4 welsummers, 2 easter eggers, 1 maran, 1 jersey giant.

Let this mini farm begin! Happy Monday!

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Butterfly Magic

DSC06427 DSC06426 DSC06408 DSC06401 DSC06385 DSC06379 DSC06375 DSC06373 DSC06366 DSC06365 DSC06363Have you ever been to a butterfly house? If you haven’t, you should! Oh my what thrill of color. Our botanical garden here in Tucson has a long season for butterflies, which by the way were originally called flutterbys. From October to April you can go and stand in a tiny greenhouse filled with butterflies and exotic flowers and a few poisonous frogs. I took so many pictures of butterflies and flowers I decided to make a 7×7 picture book of them. If you are interested and like the pictures in this blog post, I’ll put the book up for sale.

We had such a great time dodging butterflies as they fluttered past our faces. Some of our friends were even lucky enough to have them land on their shoulders.

Happy Wednesday!

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